Titanic: The Ship of Dreams

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Titanic: The Ship of DreamsTitanic: The Ship of Dreams

Jack was a passenger on the Titanic and this fictional journal brings to life the story of the great ship's doomed maiden voyage. Set sail with Jack and his family as they leave Southampton for New York and stop first at the French port of Cherbourg and then on to Queenstown in Ireland. Explore the impressively luxurious ship and learn about her construction and the reasons for making her the biggest and best. Share the horror of the collision with the iceberg and the subsequent sinking of the unsinkable Titanic. Find out what happened to Jack's family and the repercussions of this historic disaster, which nearly 100 years later still fascinates the world.


Duncan Crosbie
Bob Moulder, Peter Kent, Tim Hutchinson
210mm x 250mm
15 spreads

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